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June Dairy Month: Buy Darigold Gallons at JC's to Support Mesa Elementary Students

June is National Dairy Month. To celebrate, we've teamed up with JC's Mesa Grocery and Darigold to give the community a discount on milk, while supporting our Mesa Elementary Caring Parents and Teachers (CPT) program.

Here's how it works:

Get $1 off each Darigold gallon-sized milk purchase during the month of June (limit 3 per visit).

At the end of the month, we will tally up sales, and for every gallon purchased, Coulee Flats Dairy will donate $1 to the Mesa Elementary CPT.

The proceeds will be used to purchase Chromebooks for students. Past dairy month efforts have supported investments in playground equipment and other priorities CPT leaders have shared with us.

This year, we are excited to support this goal of providing local students more technology!

This is a fun, easy way for everyone to participate in giving back to the community, and a great way to engage our own children in the process. Here are some learning opportunities to try with young children:

  • Let your kids do the math! They can subtract the dollar from the purchase price, and count out the bills and coins needed to purchase.

  • Get them in the kitchen with a classic, made with milk and other simple dairy ingredients: Easy, Creamy Mac & Cheese

  • Kids can read the recipe and measure ingredients. Let them taste the individual ingredients to compare before and after the recipe is finished.

  • As water boils and steam is created, let them observe and discuss states of matter. Let them feel and describe the pasta before and after boiling. Let them stir in the cheese and watch it become gooey and pull into long, sticky strings.

  • Sit down and enjoy as a family! Help children describe what they feel and taste when they eat it. Introduce new vocabulary, ex: tangy, creamy, savory, melty, etc.

  • Talk about how even a simple meal, can make a difference and be part of a bigger effort to make our community better!

Thank you for joining us in this effort! We are excited to see what this program will accomplish this year. Special thanks to JC's for participating with us, and to Darigold for making sure the store is steadily supplied for this program.

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