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Coulee Flats Dairy Heifers Welcomed to Vietnam in Ceremonial Style

A Coulee Flats Dairy heifer was the first off a ship delivering about 1500 heifers from the United States. She walked calmly down the port unloading ramp adorned with a bright orange wreath of flowers.

Number 38508 was one of 305 Coulee Flats Dairy heifers delivered by The Bison Express, a Livestock Express ship which left port in Olympia on September 22nd. The dairy stock shipment supports Vietnam's mission to fight childhood malnourishment. The goal is to build up domestic dairy production to provide at least one glass of milk per child per day.

"It always feels good to produce fresh, local dairy products that so many people in our region enjoy," said Coulee Flats Dairy farmer Case Vander Meulen. "But to know our girls will be helping a developing country solve their nutrition problems? Our team is pretty proud of that."

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