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A Dairy Good Job

A top priority of Coulee Flats Dairy is to be a desirable place to work. The phrase "teamwork makes the dreamwork" sounds like a wall poster platitude, but it really does embody our work culture.

Well said, Pedro. This approach, where management and employees help each other to create positive outcomes and solve problems is what makes Coulee Flats Dairy a great workplace for over 80 employees. While our dairy is a newer, modern design that makes milking our herd efficient, there is no level of technology and farm design that can replace the value of skilled employees, who show up ready to make the most of each day.

There are many different roles on our dairy and we hope to fill each one with a special person that believes in teamwork by fulfilling their own responsibilities and helping their coworkers when needed.

Are you interested in working on a modern dairy farm? We regularly update this page with open positions, so take a look. If you don't see a job you are interested and qualified for, but have an interest in working at Coulee Flats Dairy, follow the instructions on the Employment page to send us an email to share your skills and experience so we can connect should such an opportunity become available.

We are very proud to be significant employer in the Mesa area. It is just one way we want to serve our community and make a positive impact locally.

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