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Keeping Coulee Flats Dairy Clean

We don't have problems at Coulee Flats Dairy. On face value, isn't that a ridiculous statement? But it's true when you look at problems like opportunities. With over 6,000 cows to take care of, any problem we have has the potential to be a big problem. For a long time in dairy history, one of the biggest problems or challenges for a farm of any size was managing the waste or "nutrient" that comes with the territory of keeping cattle.

Fortunately, building a new farm in this modern era allowed us to take advantage of great scientific understanding and technology. This video from DariTech gives a video tour of Coulee Flats Dairy and takes you through the cycle waste goes through from being flushed, separated and ultimately reused as solid and liquid fertilizer. Waste isn't a problem and it isn't waste at all at Coulee Flats Dairy.

Keeping our farm clean is at the core of every other aspect of what we do at Coulee Flats Dairy. Only healthy cows produce milk. Only milk free of environmental contaminants from those healthy cows is fit to enter the tank. A clean farm is a farm people want to come to work at, and is a good neighbor to other farms and the community. This is who we are and what we do.

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