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Another Very Merry Christmas at Coulee Flats Dairy

A dairy is the type of farm that doesn't slow down in any season, especially in the winter. Cows need to be fed and milked, and we take extra care keeping the dairy clean to make sure cattle stay healthy and comfortable when these temperatures drop. This keeps our team busy over the holidays, but we don't let this season of giving go by without taking the opportunity to show our appreciation to everyone on the Coulee Flats Dairy crew.

Here are some photos of our annual Christmas celebration. Blessings to you and yours for Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope you've shared many dairy-based treats like Egg Nog, cheeses, ice cream, cookies and pies with the ones you love. Our team loves being a part of that. Take a second to share your favorite holi-dairy treats in the comments below!

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