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Protecting Antibiotics Starts With Prevention at Coulee Flats Dairy

In September of 2016 the Coulee Flats Dairy team hosted Washington's One Health Working Group to share the real-world applications of antibiotics on a modern dairy farm. The group, made up of medical doctors and public health officials tasked with focusing on the prevention of antimicrobial resistance, toured Easterday Ranches feed yard and Coulee Flats Dairy.

The tour was organized by the Washington State Beef Commission, of which our owner Case VanderMeulen is a board member. The tour resulted in great discussions and a fortified relationship between local human and animal health experts. Laying the ground work for collaboration in tackling the problem, instead of playing the blame game will be critical to securing the future effectiveness of antibiotics as a tool to treat sickness on the farm and in hospitals.

We were honored to be asked to host the tour, and proud of how our team was prepared to explain all of the question asked by the guests.

Read more about the tour here:

One Health Working Group tour guests learn about how we prevent the need to use antibiotics through the clean calf hutches and bottle feeding that prevent sick calves from passing illness on to others.

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